As you progress in Taekwondo, you will be invited to take gradings, in which you will be tested and awarded a belt to indicate your skill level. As you progress through the grades, you will learn new techniques and fresh applications of techniques you have already mastered.

Our gradings will test you on all aspects of what you have been taught - not just your favourite kicks, beware! :)

In exceptional circumstances, a student will 'double-grade', which means they will skip a belt. This is in recognition of particular skill and dedication, a double-grade comes with the expectation that the student will continue to train to the same high standard and will prioritise learning any techniques expected of their new grade.

Students will only be put forward for grading when their teachers are confident they are at the required standard to merit the next grade. A rough guide of what is expected for each grade is listed on our belts page, however all students are different. Individual improvement and attitude are taken into account, as well as style and technical ability.

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