Frequently Asked Questions

What is Taekwondo and what style do you teach?

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, you can read about it on wikipedia here. We teach mainly the WTF style, which you have probably seen at the Olympics.

What should I wear to a class?

We train bare foot, as a beginner you will need to wear loose fitting clothing to allow freedom of movement. If you decide to join, you will need to buy a dobok (uniform). We have arranged a discount with a supplier so we can buy you a uniform at a discounted rate (£15 for kids sizes (up to 150cm), £20 for adult (160cm up)), or you can purchase one yourself if you prefer - needs to be plain white with V neck top, it can have Taekwondo written on the back or be plain.

To order a uniform through us, please print off the uniform order form and hand it in at class with full payment.

When can I grade?

We hold gradings about every 5 months, your instructor will let you know if you are ready to grade.

I have a grade in another martial art / style of taekwondo, can I train at LeVan Taekwondo at that grade?

Come along and give it a try and see if you want to join. You may want to let your instructor know about your experience so they can partner you with someone suitable as necessary. We train in mixed ability groups anyway, so it won't be an issue until it is time to grade.
Depending on experience and how easily your skills transfer into Taekwondo you may be able to skip some grades at your first grading (see our gradings page for detail of technical requirements for grades).

I'm concerned about something I witnessed involving a student before, during or after class, who do I speak to?

Our senior instructors (Minh, Becky and Helen) all hold an enhanced DBS certificate and are trained in child protection and safeguarding in sports. Please speak to any of us after class and we will assist.

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