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Our Classes

We are a very inclusive club, and do not tolerate bullying, discrimination or intimidation. Our senior instructors (Minh, Becky and Helen) all hold enhanced DBS certificates and are trained in child protection and safeguarding in sports. Please speak to any of us after class, or contact us via the contact details below, if you have any concerns or queries

Our classes are divided into child and adult classes. There is no formal age for progression from the child to the adult class, but, for safety and training progression, students in the children's class will be moved up to the adult class at our discretion (based on size, maturity and skill)

Our classes are all mixed ability, beginners are always welcome so come and give it a try!

Adult Classes

Our classes are varied and don't follow a strict formula. As a student at LeVan Taekwondo you will have the opportunity to learn, among other things...

Kicks, blocks, punches

Traditional poomsae (patterns)

Self Defence

Olympic style sparring

Tae-Bo (Martial arts to music)

Techniques from other martial arts

Weapons (at Master LeVan's discretion)

Children's Classes

We accept children from the age of 4 at our discretion.

Our children's classes are taught in small groups (usually between 6 and 10 students per instructor). The instructors will get to know your child, and will grade them based on their individual effort and progress.

Our aim is to keep the classes interesting for children, we teach standard taekwondo techniques with a focus on fun, agility and fitness for the early grades, and introduce more formal techniques as they progress.

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phone: 07804 142988